About the Aging Athlete

When do you lose the competitive spirit – NEVER. You do lose some quickness, agility, range of motion, and a reduction in maximal output (due to the reduced ability of the mitochondria to facilitate the ATP, Kreb cycle). Well what do we have left and how can we minimize the damage? We are still competitive. We still have good long-term endurance even though the maximal output is diminished. This would suggest marathons, ultra runs and Ironman triathlons. We all get a free ride to the age of around 40. Then our hormones start to fade, as was the plan. After all why should the species maintain you after your child producing years? Resources were scarce and needed by the young.

When I was young I always wondered if old people could do two things,
1 – Bend over and touch their toes and 2 – have sex.

Well we all know that you can do both into extreme old age. There are currently 58,000 centenarians (over 100) and only 23 over 110 years old. Well this gives us a barrier, which will not be broken until the obstructions to stem cell research are removed. It seems a shame that a relatively small militant group can hold up research, which would enhance the lives of the entire world and offer disease free extended longevity. (Please write to your President, congressmen and senators to encourage this vital research)

While we stand around, suffering from curable diseases and aging, waiting for the theological objections to be mitigated there are a few things one can do to enhance the quality of life as we age. These will not break the 110 year barrier but they may enhance life during the aging process.

Here are a few thoughts that may help you retain what you have:

2. Go hard, live long.
3. Go anaerobic every day.
4. Eat well, fruits and vegetables with abundant supplements
5. Set your plans well in advance and have achievable goals.
6. Have a stress free relationship.
7. Keep socially active and interested in life and it’s challenges.
8. There are no fat old people so watch your calorie intake.