Lew Hollander as seen on the cover of Bend Living Magizine April 2006

Why be a scientist

The only way to address the two big questions in life is to use objective thinking. The scientific method provides a means of keeping score. A checklist that tries to separate the facts from the myths. As Carl Sagan said “science is a candle in the darkness”.

Why be a scientist? You will have tools to best deal with life’s tribulations. You will live longer. (See the death rates by professions before you embark on one). You will be healthier, (better able to take care of your medical needs) you will be better able to lead and guide the progress of man by using objective thinking, and you will be a better citizen and a better family person. Your dedications will be genuine,
motivated by reason not proscribed by some cult imposed dogma.

The big ones, the questions we all seek answers to are; the Origin of the Universe and the Origin of Man. Why are we here? Where did we come from and where are we going.

The origin of the universe is claimed to be the Big Bang. It seems egotistical to think we are the only big bang. There are many dimensions at least 12. This means since we think four dimensionally, volume and time, there is a world of unimagined complexity we could never conceive of , of which we are apart. Our perception of our world is extremely limited. What happens at the bottom of a black hole for example? Scientists call it a singularity. That means they have no physics to deal with it. (See Science News vol. 157, Feb 19,2000 “Higher Dimensions”).

Man convinced himself that he was special. Look at any of the early religions such as the Egyptians, with Ra or the Jews with Yahweh or the Greek and Roman gods. All bestow a preferential position to man. Now this is flattering but unjustified. There
is no indication that we are special in any way to the other inhabitants of our planet. We have taught our young and learned to record information, which allows us the unique opportunity to collect information and thus pass it on to our off spring, century after century. In this way we have been able to advance our technology, which allows us to manipulate the environment in which we live.

We can stabilize our food supply, eliminate predators and provide adequate shelter. This development only encourages rapid multiplication of the population density. Any specious that has an abundant food supply and no predators will grow rapidly. Now are we special, do we have divine or unique role in the management of this planet? What evidence is there to this end? None.