The Pizza Diet:

The Pizza Diet Think about what you feed your horse. Every day, day in and day out, you go to the barn and give him a flake of hay and then to the grain sack for the old coffee can with maybe some vitamins added.Most horses in our modern society are contained in a paddock and stall. Some horses have a pasture to pick at a weed or two. The really lucky ones have open range land where they can select different grasses and nibble from bushes or tree bark, dig in the dirt and eat some of it rich in what ever is needed. In contrast, look at what we eat. After feeding your horse, you are off to dinner at the local pizzeria. PIZZA is probably the perfect food, at least for this example. It has little bits and pieces from everywhere. Anchovies from Portugal, meat from god knows where, crust, sauce, spices, cheeses from cows in Wisconsin, vegetables from Mexico and a little salami from Italy. This gives you a very wide selection of nutrients that your body can choose from and replace the depleted ones. Not so for the horse, he is stuck with a very limited choice. For breakfast my Danish wife, Hanne loves, scrambled eggs and smoked eel. Now this eel from Denmark has already been several thousand miles to the Sargasso Sea and back again. What a variety of diverse nutrients it has picked up along it’s travels.

The point of all this is your horse has no way of controlling his diet. He gets the same hay from the same field every day. Also most of our farms have been depleted of micro nutrients for a long time because of intensive farming. Fertilizing with nitrogen does increase the size of the crop but does nothing for the nutritional value. The same is true of the grain products. What does the horse need. Well we try to figure it out and provide the perfect supplement. But we are, for sure missing something, maybe lots of things, important to the horse, but unknown to us. The solution is of course PIZZA. Well at least VARIETY. Try to vary the diet by switching from oats to corn to barley. Also there a number of other choices. The best single additive would be KELP. This is available from most feed stores. Actually they have lots of kelp and have trouble finding markets for it. Soybean meal , rice bran (rich in fat) and the list goes on. Try the pizza approach to feeding. Try the PIZZA approach you will have a healthier, happier and more capable horse.