Portion for a standard water bottle 10-oz.

-Three scoops Cytomax
-1 teaspoon (tsp.) Glutamine from Health Food Store
-1/4 tsp. (or powder a pill) Vit. C about 500mg
-Choline-Inositol from Health food store.
-1/4 tsp. Lite salt from Morton’s available from the Supermarket Sodium-potassium
-1 tsp. Creatine Monohydrate Health Food Store could use more
-1/2 tsp A to B Calm, Scottsdale, AZ. powdered Calcium Gluconate–Magnesium Carbonate and vinegar or equivalent 400mg Ca and 200 mg Mg.

On hot long days add Prohydrator after mixing with water.

Also do not forget the Amino Acids, they are important like Lysine in the morning and Arginine and Ornithine + in the evening plus Taurine any time if you do not eat much meat. See Jo Mar Web Page and they sell an excellent book “The Healing Nutrients Within” by Eric Braverman. If you mess with these do not forget the B6.