Suggested Supplements for the Aging Athlete

*consult with your doctor and race association before taking ANY supplements.

Wake up cocktail:
1 scoop Progreen (NutriCology Hayward, CA 94544)
1 tsp A to B Calm, Scottsdale AZ 85225 Magnesium-Calcium
1/4 tsp Ascorbic Acid, vit. C
1 tsp Glutamine (tasteless)
1 tsp cod liver oil (My mother knew that many years ago but now it tastes much better) Twin Labs, Emulsified.
1/4 tsp Chondroitin Sulfate for the joints
All mixed in a full glass of orange juice

Morning MIX of amino acids as follows:
Custom mix Morning 550 mg capsules (dose 5 caps per day in the morning)

Lysine 500 mg 172.4 grams/kilogram
Taurine 600 mg 206.7 grams/kilogram
Methionine 400 mg 138.0 grams/kilogram
MSM(Methylsulphonylmethane)500 mg 172.4 grams/kilogram
GABA 400 mg 138.0 grams/kilogram
Glycine 500 mg 172.4 grams/kilogram
Total 2900 mg 1000 grams

During the day:
60mg Ginkgo Biloba For the brian
2 Garlic tablets (equal to one large clove)
400mcg Folic Acid (usually in B complex)
B 100 complex Vit.
Mixed Tocopherols, WARNING you NEED D-Alpha, D-Beta, D-Delta and D-Gamma DO NOT TAKE VIT E Alpha only which is what you usually get as Vit E. It washes out all the other natural Tocopherols from your system and causes more harm than good. Studies show doses over 400 IU of alpha alone increased the death rates.
Mineral mix
200 mcg selenium (if not taken with mineral mix)**
160 mg Saw Palmetto for the prostate
50 mg Coenzyme Q10 for heart and other muscle
B-12 5000 micrograms sublingual drops
Sublingual seems to be the best way to absorb B 12 without injections.

Before bed:

Evening MIX for growth hormone releasers

Custom mix Evening 550 mg capsules (dose 9 caps per day in the evening)
Arginine 2000mg 434.8 grams per kilo
Ornithine 1000mg217.4 grams per kilo
Glutamine 1000mg217.4 grams per kilo
Alpha Keto Glutaric Acid 500mg 108.7 grams per kilo
Vit B 6 100mg 21.7grams per kilo
Total 4600mg 1000 grams

500mcg to 1.5mcg Melatonin (sublingual)

**Selenium has a half-life of 90 days and is stored in hair follicles and is toxic in accumulated doses. The first sign of selenium poising is hair loss.
I like to take all the sublingual and dermal doses as possible as it seems to be a more desirable delivery system.
There is a great deal of improvisation to this schedule and there should be periods off with no supplements. This regiment is expensive and to be truthful no significant differences have been noted in variations and abstentions of the above schedule.